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After almost a century of prohibition, cannabis is once again recognised as a plant with unique medical and lifestyle applications.

North America is ahead of the curve and, following regulatory change, companies in Canada and an increasing amount of US states have raised significant capital to do everything from cultivation through to retail, clinical trials and edibles.

Europe is different. Pharmaceutical drugs are overwhelmingly purchased by national health systems or near-universal coverage insurance companies. They are not marketed products. Your local NHS practice is not at all like that doctor you visited once on Venice Beach.

We believe that this difference will necessitate the development of two very distinct cannabis markets; ‘Medical Cannabis’ and ‘Consumer Cannabis’. The arguments for both are clear, but we believe they should be made separately and on their own merits.

Today we work with CBD companiesWe believe that, though often marketed within the ‘health and wellness’ category and thus confused as a medical product, CBD is the beachhead cannabinoid of what will become a much larger consumer cannabis market.

As an integrated services group focussed exclusively on this developing sector, KXC will be a driving force in creating a valuable, sustainable and distinctly European consumer cannabis market.

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